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Social Media Strategy

Social media is not a one-sided conversation. It’s a dialogue and it has evolved to become a proactive and reactive engagement tool with utilization and power that can create, promote, recover, reinforce, and support the actions happening within your organization or to your organization.

Think of it this way, social media has an immediate impact on your brand. And it happens in real time. According to research by Lithium Technology, 53% of customers reaching out to brands on Twitter expect a response within an hour. And 72% of those who complain online expect the brand to respond within the same timeframe. Anyone with the kind of influence to publish content on your behalf should be a proven expert, not a hobbyist or junior staffer.

Too often companies treat social media channels like the ‘fun and games’ part of communication. Another popular mistake is giving the social media responsibilities to an internal enthusiast or unqualified employee. The truth is social media is probably some of the most serious work we do. Here’s what we understand:

  • Social media impacts search rankings and drives website traffic.
  • Customers want risk-insulated responses in real time.
  • The first hint of a crisis will appear on social channels.
  • Social Media presents opportunity and risk. It can either help or harm your reputation.

Because of this, social media is not something that we hand over to just anyone. Trifecta’s social media efforts are orchestrated by professionals whose background is rooted in sales, marketing, and crisis management. Our team brings decades of experience to our clients.

Is your brand new to social media? Are you involved in digital marketing campaigns and operating your social channels without a strategy? Are you amplifying the voice of your brand with an integrated marketing solution? Call Trifecta Public Strategies to discuss your organization’s specific digital marketing and social media needs and objectives.