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Influencer Relations

The word “influencer” is tossed around a lot. It is a popular buzzword that is appearing everywhere from toothpaste advertisements to LinkedIn’s Influencer Network. Truthfully, as communications practitioners, we chuckle a bit at the notion that Influencer Relations is new because influence is frankly just a fancy term for good ol’ fashioned PR. It has become a buzzword given the advent of digital marketing and the Internet. But for the purpose of using it as a communication strategy, let’s stay focused. Influencer Relations is not Influencer Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, pay to engage programs, or even a popularity contest on YouTube, Twitter, etc.

Simply put, Influencer Relations encompass the relationships you create – online or otherwise –  the reputation you build, and your ability to develop and grow an audience around this dynamic.  It builds your brand using content and personal engagement.

At Trifecta, we chart the relationships that matter and create a roadmap for strengthening and reinforcing those directly tied to your risk profile and reputational needs. While every organization’s influencer engagement needs vary, at Trifecta we help you:

  • Review the comprehensive landscape for your organization and industry
  • Categorize influencers that matter through stakeholder mapping exercises
  • Develop strategies and messages to reach key influencers
  • Engage in direct outreach to individual influencers  – both online and offline
  • Identify partners to support your organization in times of internal or external growth, transition, or crisis.
  • Manage strategic alliances with corporations, non-profits, grassroot and grasstop organizations, etc.

We are experts at helping organizations create lasting relationships and a reputation you can be proud to stand behind.  Ready to get started?