Trifecta is a proudly unconventional and creative communications firm

Trifecta was formed with the belief that the industry and the application for communications has changed.  And that the traditional PR agency business model needed to evolve.

In today’s fast moving environment, communications plays a fundamental role in all facets of a successful business. The shifts to mobile and digital have created consumer demand for immediate responsiveness. We are our client’s secret weapon. We are agile. We love what we do for a living – working with clients who operate in highly complex industries.

Trifecta brings together a seasoned team of communicators completely at ease in both the offline and online worlds, who offer core competencies in corporate communications, crisis management and government relations.

We understand that regulated and technical industries are inherently different. Cutesy campaigns with fluffy tactics and gimmicks don’t work like they used to. We know effective communications must balance not only reputation, but also risk and relationships. And all of this in both the online and offline worlds in order to reach savvy customers who are inundated with information, and small groups with big voices. These everyday influencers are driving the conversation, while mainstream media and slick ad campaigns carry less and less weight.

Our background enables us to develop a holistic approach to communications that is designed specifically to address challenging and emotionally driven issues. We work with clients to be proactive and protective, while also staying attuned to ever-changing expectations.

Cutting to the chase, here’s what you get when you hire Trifecta:

  • We’re a senior team: We’re big agency and corporate survivors who insist on being real, doing great work and having fun.We lead with
  • ‘Yes’:We know your day to day and the struggle of balancing needs with resources. We partner with our clients to find actionable ways to get stuff done. No excuses.
  • We get to know you: We’re quick studies and have learned to be savvy communicators supporting brands and industries ranging from eye health to senior care, semiconductors to slurpees.
  • We Play Nice:We don’t bill clients for thinking about them in the shower, nor do we lay awake nights scheming sneaky ways to squeeze more budget out of you. We’re partners for the duration so we won’t court business from your competitors.

    Bottom line….We are true partners.  Our approach is Smart. Simple. Strategic. We talk about your needs, wants, pain points, and goals.  Then we make a plan and get to work.