Proudly Unconventional Communicators

Crisis Communications

We develop strategic crisis communications programs that help our clients communicate tough situations in an unforgiving world.

Our team has managed hundreds of critical events – in some cases managing multiple crisis situations for a single client in one day.

Highly-regulated and highly technical organizations often have the most to lose in a crisis and regularly face high-stakes risk. And yet, time and again we have learned that many organizations find themselves caught off-guard and unprepared when a negative event occurs. We’ve amassed a proven set up of tools to help our clients manage critical events in real time. And we also have the expertise to insulate our clients’ from risk and identify areas of improvement to minimize potential future negative events.

Proudly unconventional communications because in today’s NOW environment – we are more in control of our reputation, at risk for crisis or unwelcoming news, in relationship with people, places and things online, offline, and real- time.  Here’s what we do to help:

  • Provide support when the media show up at your door
  • Help you anticipate red flags and develop a crisis plan
  • Offer smart analytics and savvy social media listening and media monitoring
  • Provide rapid response spokesperson training
  • Lead risk management training/crisis simulation sessions

Need support now?  Need a preemptive strategy for crisis support? Give us a call.