Never Forget Your “Interviewee Bill of Rights”

There are several ways to build relationships with reporters and have an interesting dialog that is both informational for the audience and respectful to the process of an interview. But there are a few things you never do in a media interview. The Trifecta Public Strategies team has developed a five-part series that covers 5 Things You Never Do […]

5 Things You Should Never Do In A Media Interview (Part 1 of 5)

Reporters have several ways of getting a sensational story and creating an interview atmosphere that generates a newsworthy response from the interviewee. Scanning some of the recent headlines I have seen a number of aggressive interview tactics put on display by the media. There are several ways to build relationships with reporters and have an […]

3 Easy Steps to Manage Risk and Negative Media Exposure

Critical event managers are acutely aware that crisis never sleeps and no two events are the same. Depending on the severity of the event, crisis means addressing the media and actively managing a company’s reputation, relationships and risk. The media can be aggressive, disruptive and disarming in the way that they seek to secure information. Information […]

Negative Press Coverage Does Not “Blow Over”

As a professional who works to create influence, stature, credibility and legitimacy for my clients, one of the most uneducated statements that I hear all too often is the perceived notion that a negative media event is going to “blow over.” In early September, I received several congressional meeting summaries and reports from a colleague […]

Hurricane Florence: Crisis Comms Strategies

Many of the long-term care providers we know and have worked with will be managing communications throughout Hurricane Florence. Our team has managed crisis comms during these types of devastating weather events, including Hurricanes Harvey and Irma in 2017. While we are actively monitoring the impact of this storm, the team at Trifecta wants to […]