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Enough with the darn emails!

If you’re like most members of Corporate America huge chunks of your day are spent reading and responding to email. Any number of surveys from email providers and productivity solution platforms will tell you that there is a flood of information flowing in and out of your inbox. I get it – email is easy. In […]

Skilled Nursing: 4 Tips for Dealing with Fake News

Pardon me. I’m late to the fake news freak out. Why? Because the reality here is “Fake News,” “Zombie News” and the like are so common in the skilled nursing industry that when one of these ‘stories’ takes off like wildfire it feels more like any other workday than something particularly unique. I get it. […]

3 Data Breach Communication Strategies for Skilled Nursing Organizations

When you think about securing your skilled nursing facility – what comes to mind? Locks on prescription drug cabinets, door locks, wander guards or securing your patients’ personal belongings and business office items. But given today’s threat landscape, one of the most insecure areas of your organization has nothing to do with your facility and […]

6 Steps to Follow When Media Call

“Hello. This is Sally Smith, I’m a reporter at the Local Times. I just spoke with the family member of one of your residents and I had a few questions about an incident that happened at your facility earlier this week.” If you’re like most skilled nursing leaders, receiving a call like this is something […]

Negative Press Coverage Does Not “Blow Over”

As a professional who works to create influence, stature, credibility and legitimacy for my clients, one of the most uneducated statements that I hear all too often is the perceived notion that a negative media event is going to “blow over.” In early September, I received several congressional meeting summaries and reports from a colleague […]

Who Says You Can’t Talk Back to the Media?

A few years ago, a Wall Street Journal reporter called me. He was looking at OSHA ratings for the aviation and automotive industries when he stumbled upon the statistics related to the nursing home industry. He said he was “utterly shocked” to learn about these statistics and he could not understand why the numbers were so high. […]

Struggling to Communicate with Your Legal Department?

It doesn’t matter how many years you have been a PR superstar, how many major accounts you’ve landed, disasters you have cleaned up, or positive front-page feature stories you have secured, we all remember the first time our press release went to legal for approval. When your document returned, I am willing to bet legal […]

Never Repeat the Negative (Part 4 of 5)

In this digital-saturated media age, innocent communication can be taken out of context and can damage your reputation. Technology is not your friend when it comes reputation management because our always-on world creates risk and potentially a whole lot of trouble. A big pitfall (and an easy one to fall into) is repeating the negative […]

Communication Leaders: 10 ‘Gut-Check’ Questions to Certify That You Need to Be Cloned

The new year is generally a creative and motivating time for communicators. In general, comms leaders get excited about setting new goals, reflecting on 12-month accomplishments, recognizing team achievements, and kicking off the new year with actionable ideas that result from freshly baked planning sessions. At Trifecta Public Strategies, everyday we are meeting with current and potential […]

Never Comment On Unfamiliar Documentation In An Interview (Part 3 of 5)

In our series related to “5 Things You Never Do in an Interview,” No. 3 on our list relates to responding to documentation. In short, never respond to materials presented to you in an interview that you have not previously had the opportunity to thoroughly review. This includes written material (reports, emails, court papers, news articles written […]